Ironman New Zealand

3 March 2007
MARCH 3, 2007 – TAUPO, NEW ZEALAND – During the Ironman this year in New Zealand it was the Danish Torbjørn Sindballe that set the pace on the bike with Luke Bell and Cameron Brown in pursuit. Sindballe, two times ITU World Champion Long Distance, did not make a move until the start of the second loop to Reporoa and by 125kms he had already opened a 1min18sec buffer from Bell while Brown slipped 2min 49sec off the lead. The Danish champion extended the margin to 2min 55sec and 5min 10sec respectively at 145kms and by the time they came off the bike back in Taupo Sinballe had built a buffer of 6min 35sec on Bell while Brown had pushed up to be a further 1min 35 behind the Australia. Unfortunately this lead was not enough to win the Ironman 2007 as Sindballe had not run many full Ironman events. Sindballe finished third after the winner Brown and Bell who finished second. Bell and Brown were the only competitors to go under three hours for the marathon to illustrate their class. (Source:

Posted by FFWD on 3 March 2007