Triathlon victory for FFWD!

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Triathlon victory for FFWD!

24 April 2012

FFWD Wheels sponsored athlete Emma-Kate Lidbury won the Challenge Fuertaventura!


The British athlete lead from start to finish and completed the half Ironman distance in 4:32:41, almost three minutes before number two of the race.

Lidbury is familiar with the Island where she spend most of the winter training for the season. "After spending some weeks at home in Oxford, I needed a change of scene and see the sun again. Upon arrival I felt relaxed and ready to race!" says Emma-Kate.


Emma-Kate chose a combination of the FFWD F9R rear wheel with the F6R front wheel. This combination has great aerodynamic advantages but keeps you in control of your bike because of the lower front wheel!



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Posted on 24 April 2012