01. What can you tell about the FFWD hubs?

The road hubs are a high quality choice from a reputable hub manufacturer. The company proved to be a reliable partner that makes almost a million hubs each month. The hubs are thoroughly tested under various conditions by pro-riders. Especially the feedback we got from the cyclocross riders gave us the confidence that these hubs are durable enough for FFWD.

Front: 83g  / Al7075-T6
Rear: 265g / Al7075-T6 / Alloy cassette / 4 sealed cartridge bearings

2011FFWD HubF
2011FFWD HubR

02. What is the compatibility of the cassette body?

The DT240 and DT190 hubs are compatible with Shimano 9/10s and Campa 9/10/11s. You can exchange the body from Shimano to Campa and vice versa without any problem.

The FFWD hub is currently compatible with Shimano 9/10s or Campa 9/10/11s. Like on the DT hubs, the exchange from Shimano to Campa and vice versa is very easy.

Before 2010 the FFWD Campa hubs were not compatible with the 11speed cassette. For riders wanting to upgrade their pre-2010 FFWD hubs to Campa 11sp, FFWD is offering a 0,5mm spacer which should be placed underneath the cassette body. Contact FFWD for more info.

03. Some hubs have ceramic bearings. What is ceramic?

A ceramic is an in-organic, non-metallic material, which can be used for domestic (clay pottery, sanitary ware) and industrial applications (bricks, tiles).

When we speak of 'ceramic bearings' we refer to the balls that are inside of the bearing. These ceramic balls are typically made from (SiN4) ceramic silicon nitride and have greater hardness and a smoother surface finish than steel balls. This means less wear and higher longevity.

They deform less under high loads (-> smaller contact surface -> less friction)...
...are almost not affected by heat (-> less friction)...
...and are resistant to oxidation.

Ceramic bearing balls also require less lubricant, resulting in increased bearing life.
Small drawback is the higher cost.

04. Can I upgrade my DT240s hubs with ceramic bearings?

Yes, there are ceramic bearings available on the market which will fit the 240 hubs.

However, we cannot guarantee that DT Swiss will still warrant your modified hubs. You might want to check with DT first before installing making alterations to your hubs.

05. Can I upgrade my FFWD hubs with third party (ceramic) bearings?

Yes, you can. Here are the specifications of the bearings that are used in the FFWD hubs:


For 2010 hubs and before:

Rear: shell: 1 x 6902RU (61902-RZ) - ø15x28x7

1 x I5267-2RS - ø15x26x7

Body: 2 x 15268-2RS - ø15x26x8

Front: shell: 2 x 6802 - ø15x24x5


For 2011 FFWD hubs:

Rear shell: 2x 6902RU - ø15x28x7

Front shell: 2x 6802-2RS - ø10x22x6


For FFWD Track hubs:

Front and Rear: 2x 6000RU - ø26x10x8